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Maybe you should show this to your mom, especially if you’re a struggling actor.
The song received a mixed reception, with fans of The White Stripes comparing the song in unfavourable light to the original.

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After midnight, it’s more packed than a woman’s suitcase, and it goes on until 5 in the morning.

Downstairs people are dancing to a DJ and on the main level they are rocking out to another DJ.

I saw him standing in line at the market below my apartment building. I’ve dated girls like this before, and it always drove me nearly mad. I hate to make her a trope, because she’s clearly an amazing three-dimensional person. We have some fundamental differences we need to work through. And I don’t want her to feel attacked by me when we have disagreements. She gave me a really sweet note in the beginning of the night. Right as I got the text, I was getting out of a cab. The tricky girl thing is totally my Achilles’ heel. Everything that happened tonight was a classic tricky girl situation. How do you feel about this relationship/project right now? After work I had a dinner planned with my friend Veza at Pure Food and Wine. He texted me around to meet in my building’s lobby. She is Annie Hall, Felicity Porter, Clementine Kruczynski, and Patricia Franchini all rolled into one. The tricky girl will rip your heart out, cut it into little pieces, and then ask you, politely, if she can feed you. I guess I’ve always known this about her, but now that we’re in this relationship, I’m seeing it in a whole different light.But, get this, it’s not so loud so as you can’t carry on a conversation.And it’s those conversations – among existing or new friends – that makes Reilly’s so appealing.It’s compact enough to bar-hop on foot and there’s not enough bars to be overwhelmed. And for you gentlemen seeking sure-fired sex, it even has a Red Light District.