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And, we both conceded, there wasn’t a single one whom, if we never saw them again, we’d remember to think about. That is, what kind of people are my guy friend and I to be so dismissive, and is it possible that San Francisco is not so bad because it has a lot of geeks and marrieds and gays and male cougars, but because it has so many of . We’re the ones who excelled in our small town high schools, netting us a place at prestigious universities and, from there, elite jobs and enrollment in competitive graduate programs where we were further groomed to think we can and should do anything to which we set our minds.We’re the ones parents and teachers tapped as “high potential” when we were 12, at which point we were given permission to focus all our attention on ourselves.San Francisco singles have to look no further than to quickly find other locals looking for love through online dating.San Francisco residents looking for their next romantic adventure will find plenty of personals posted online by local singles on He's not afraid to wear pastels (albeit it with a popped collar), loves watching sports, and generally lives his life to maximize the amount of fun he's having. Yeah, that will NEVER happen with a Native San Franciscan.You're guaranteed to drink a lot, laugh a lot, and be out and about a lot (at least from Union Street north) when dating a Marina Bro. If he's not wearing a T-shirt that actually has "Native" emblazoned across the chest, then he'll be absolutely certain to let you know within five minutes of meeting you.In Bryce’s V.2, he says that all but one of the women he solicited feedback from found it offensive, but let’s be honest here, Bryce: you don’t leave this kind of huge bold caveat at the very top of V.1 unless you know full well its content’s effects on “female(s) living in SF” reading it: Gross exaggerations and generalizations (and terrible writing (sic throughout all his quotes, by the way)) aside, V.1 is at best an advice guide for women to let that nice guy tip his fedora into her life, and at worst a self-conflicting confused sexist rant. This isn’t a scale of 7–100, it’s not a scale of 7–10, it’s a scale of 1–10.

Whether you're part of the tech sector or local arts scene, a city–dweller or someone from nearby Sausalito or Berkeley, you'll find singles who share your interests when you join Match.com's incredibly diverse online community.

When I outlined this essay, I planned to dedicate this section to caveats.

Namely, I intended to pre-empt any reaction that I’m an unattractive, shitty personality’d brat who’s bitter because she never gets asked out, and who prefers to blame the rest of the world rather than recognize her own part in her destiny.

Your friends and all of San Francisco will inaccurately refer to the VC Bro as a "Tech Bro," but once you date this guy, you'll realize that in fact, while maybe once upon a time he knew how to code, now he doesn't restart his router, much less create actual apps. Ultimately though, the VC Bro will always be, well… He's motivated by money and power, a little selfish in bed, and he's never going to stop the schmoozing, the blowing you off for the super-important meeting, or the putting work before everything else.

(Why would he when there's someone to do that for him? The money in technology, however, that — at least in the early stages of a company — is for the bros. Plus, be honest: Is it really that much fun going to The Battery five nights a week?