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The national monument, to which entry is free, is well signed from both nearby interstate highways (I-15 and I-40), and reached by wide city streets through residential districts.First stop should be at the visitor center, situated at the foot of the mesa along Western Trail NW, from where the most interesting site (Rinconada Canyon, which has the longest trail) is one mile south, while the other two are a few miles further north.Though petroglyphs are found at historic sites throughout the Hawaiian islands, it’s uncommon to find them so close to the water. “We find a lot of petroglyphs that are a foot or so tall, but this one measures four to five feet from head to toe,” said Alton Exzabe, an archaeologist in the Army, in a statement by the state Department of Land and Natural Resources.

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Proportionately, Kahoolawe has slightly more figures with various types of headdresses and special heas than at most other sites.Here we report on a new technique which allows this separation to be effected by using a low-temperature, low-pressure oxygen plasma to oxidize selectively the organic component; this may then be analysed using standard C methods.We have applied this technique to a portion of a pictograph from the Lower Pecos region of southwest Texas (Fig. Chaco Canyon abounds in rock art, images made on rock surfaces.Spirals, figures, animals, and other designs can be found at Chaco and throughout the American Southwest, probably serving to mark events, to designate clans and migrations, and as reminders of stories and ceremonies.evident that some possessed mana, or spiritual power,” Edward Stasack, Ronald Dorn, and Georgia Lee, who were formerly commissioned by by the Kahoolawe Island Conveyance Commission in the early ’90s to document the island’s petroglyphs, write in “The Petroglyphs of Kahoolawe Island, Hawaii”: Style-wise, the inverted triangular heads with a bisecting center line are a rare type.