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Media Dog have been working with some of the biggest UK production company’s for 10 years, a BBC approved hire company, Media Dog are the largest supplier of Broadcast camera gear in the midlands.

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Alzheimer’s disease is life-changing for both those who are diagnosed and those close to them.Our support groups provide a place to connect with other caregivers who truly understand what you are going through.

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I have written extensively about the uniqueness of our surroundings, about the ecology of the land and the nature of the people on a frontier such as ours.I can remember at about six years old putting down a book of poems about birds and saying to myself, “I can do that,” and grabbing pencil and paper. There’s a wider world out there waiting for you.” Are there some rituals you follow in your creative process?As I grew older, writing was just so natural and right that I couldn’t help myself. As for rituals, I don’t meditate or drink or go for a walk before I write.I was brought to this area by a marriage but have felt for many years that it is my spiritual home. The best part of being a poet is having the liberty to decide what I want to say in a poem. The worst part is that the genre of poetry is often misunderstood and that it is marginalized and neglected. My motivations for writing are various: the need to clarify something in my own mind, the need to express something heartfelt, the need to simply play with words.Early in your career, before you had any real success, what fed your determination to keep trying? As a small child, I read poems and loved their sound. I live in North Carolina with my wonderful hubby, teenage daughter, and two sweet kitties.