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I had to remove the badgerboard/src/lowpower.h and badgerboard/src/file to get my old sketches to work again.The first (hardware specific) steps of the tutorial https:// recommend to replace with Badgerboard lib https//github.com/nasys/badgerboard (HW reasons).Yep, this can be implemented as either (a) a different repo altogether, or (b) just a different datastore.It should certainly be an advanced feature, as moving or modifying the original file at all would render the objects useless, so users should definitely know what they're doing.A directory for the default store is automatically created if one does not already exist.This default store is available to subsystems that do not require explicit selection of a particular store and function best by using the system's default storage mechanism.

this sort of thing requires an explicit intention to use it this way.

For example, a JMS Server with no persistent store configured will use the default store for its Managed Server and will support persistent messaging.

See: In addition to using the default file store, you can also configure a file store or JDBC store to suit your specific needs.

Those are not only So, forget about trying to fix that, but get the TTN Arduino library to run on it.

Main problem: one needs to reset the RN2483 after powering or flashing the board, otherwise it will just not respond to any command (or any If the temperature readings seem high: of course, it's an on-board sensor, and the board might be above room temperature.