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This recognition was tied to two events: (1) the observation of magnetic anomaly stripes on the seafloor, parallel to oceanic ridge systems, interpreted by Frederick Vine and Drummond Matthews to represent the formation of new crust at the oceanic ridge and its subsequent symmetric spreading away from that ridge, and (2) the observation of a sheeted dyke complex within the Troodos Ophiolite (Cyprus) by Ian Graham Gass and co-workers, which must have formed by repetitive extension of crust and intrusion of magma, resulting in a formation consisting of 100% dikes with no older wall rocks preserved within the complex.

Moores and Vine Thus, it became widely accepted that ophiolites represent oceanic crust that had been emplaced on land.

In their laboratories, scientists study the physical, chemical, and biological makeup of the sediment.Were all ice to melt, (assuming all ice is above sea level), the ocean (which is 3800 m deep, on average), could rise by 1.6 x 38 = 61 m.In past ice ages, the ocean stood about 90m lower (at some time even 125m!Their great significance relates to their occurrence within mountain belts such as the Alps or the Himalayas, where they document the existence of former ocean basins that have now been consumed by subduction.This insight was one of the founding pillars of plate tectonics, and ophiolites have always played a central role in plate tectonic theory and the interpretation of ancient mountain belts.In short, the particles found in sediment on the seafloor vary considerably in composition and record a complex interplay of processes that have acted to form, transport, and preserve them.